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SEO Help, Meta & Title Tags

SEO Help do's and don't


One of the biggest assets to higher search results is "page titles."

Page titles should be “key-word-rich.”  Do not use "home," "about us," "products" as the title of your pages.

Don't use the same page title on each and every page of your site unless that's the only keywords/keyword phrases you're looking to rank under -- be specific to the page on which they appear.  In other words, don't try to make a page title that's a “catch-all” (i.e. title>Vodavi phones, voice mail systems, etc.).  Remember to use your different keywords and phrases and do not use the same title on every page!  Also, write a good description in the description tag using your keywords and keyword phrases


Tags: Alt/Bold/H1-H6/Description:

An alt tag should show up when your computer mouse hovers over an object/picture/logo.  You should always use Alt tags with your pictures and/or logos, along with a link.  You can also make them a link, but if you don’t link a picture to a URL, the alt text won’t help.  (Example: let's say you have a “Vodavi” logo, . . . you can have it link to "www.mysite/Vodavi-Phones.htm" and make the alt tag "Vodavi Phones."

That will get you better results and more “bang for your buck!”  Bold tags also add a little boost, but very little, so don't go overboard with them.

H1-H6 tags are headings of a paragraph.  H1 would be the most important heading and H6 would be the least important heading.  Many search engines will use the information from H1 tags and give more weight to the information in H1 tags over normal page text.

Your “description tag” should be written for the user describing the web page. 

“Keyword tags” carry your keywords.





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