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How to find SEO Companies 
in the Business of Ranking Websites!


Are you looking for an SEO company?  To find a competent website optimizer, visit a few Internet SEO forums where the experts “hang out” and read the comments posted there – you’ll soon figure out who knows what they’re talking about and who is there just to ask the experts so they can “attempt” to optimize a website (maybe yours) leaving you with an incomplete job and little “ranking,” along with a bad opinion of SEO companies.

If your website needs Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the following guidelines will assist you in determining what to look for in an SEO Companies or an SEO expert:

1)     Every day business owners like you hire web design companies that “include some SEO” in their proposals as an “add-on,” rather than an important feature, of their web design services.  If the web design company you hire fails to consult with you about “optimization” of your site, don’t have high expectations for your website’s ability to generate “leads.”  That’s not to say that it won’t generate ANY qualified leads – it’s just that your site won’t be getting the best results overall.

2)     You can also purchase SEO software, which may be helpful, but only in rare cases.  For the most part, what works for one website won’t necessarily work for another and each site needs to be optimized for its particular history and/or goals.  There are simply too many factors to consider and the criteria used for optimization is frequently changed by the search engines, so software becomes obsolete quickly. 

3)     Don’t expect immediate results -- many website owners expect to see instant SEO results.  Unfortunately, however, search engine optimization takes time; generally it will take three to six months to make any significant “jump” in search engine results.  If you are launching your website for the first time, it could take up to a year, especially in highly competitive markets.  There is a common misconception among website business owners that all you have to do is “add some SEO” to your site and you’ll instantly generate countless sales.  It simply does not work that way – it is true that being at the top of the page on search results gives you the potential to significantly increase leads and sales, but instant results are impossible.  So, don’t be fooled by any promise of immediate results.

4)     As stated above, don’t be misled by the promise of instant results.    Improper SEO techniques can have the exact opposite effect you’re looking for (in other words NOT being found in searches, not producing leads, not generating sales or not being able to adequately service existing customers) if you use unacceptable methods. 

5)     In my experience with initial consultations, many website owners are surprised to learn that “submission of a website to search engines” ended in the 1990s.  Today SEO services include not just the basics of on-site work, but also link building, press releases, social media networking, viral content for link baiting, etc. 

6)     Don’t confuse Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Pay-Per Click (PPC).  Although they are both used as methods of generating target market traffic to websites, it is generally believed that SEO yields better returns on your investment, although it is more difficult to measure.  On the other hand, PPC is easily measured but has become so expensive in some highly competitive markets that many website owners have been “priced out” and simply cannot afford to continue utilizing PPCs.

7)     Although anyone can learn the basics of SEO (which is probably why so many business owners and/or webmasters believe that SEO is “easy”), the truth is there are many factors to consider in website optimization and hiring a company with experience is your best bet for achieving satisfactory results.  As an analogy, consider your thought process when you take your car in for service.  You may understand that the engine or transmission or valve is “broken,” but you leave the details of the repair to the experts!  Since there is no standardized “certification” program for SEO, it’s up to you to find the most reputable company and, in that regard, I again would refer you to SEO forums on the Internet, where the “experts” meet to discuss the latest trends in the industry. 

8)     You should also be wary of seo companies that guarantee placement in the top 10 positions on Internet searches.  Even the search engine companies admit that it is unfeasible and, in fact, impossible to achieve such results.  Any honest SEO consultant will tell you this “up-front” and offer no guarantees.

9)     Also, don’t insist that your SEO efforts focus only on one keyword (for example, “cars”).  In the car industry, you want your website to rank high in the search results for not just “cars,” but also for whatever particular “niche” in the car industry your website involves.  You may also want to optimize for your particular geographical area, targeting your local “niche” market and not necessarily people outside your “selling area.”

10) Finally, don’t ignore the bigger picture:  web surfers who land on your site will immediately move on to your competitor’s site if they don’t feel your business is credible.  You have a matter of seconds to show them what they are looking for before they move away and onto the website of one of your competitors.  Therefore, a website with a time-consuming “flash intro” or that looks like your teenage nephew put it together last weekend is probably going to lack factual, up-to-date information and other relevant content.  Hire a professional at the beginning and save yourself problems down the road

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