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We do SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and we created this simple site on Feb 26th 2011.  Thereafter, we optimized for and “went after” the competitive key word phrase "Search Engine Help."  Within 2 weeks this website came up on page 1 for the keyword phrase search query “Search Engine Help.”  This website appears in slot 2 on page 1.  It may change position depending on when you look.  Regardless, it's on the first page of approximately 883,000,000 results (many of which are websites of supposed SEO experts).  If an SEO “expert” can't get their own website on page 1 of the search results for such a competitive keyword, how good are they at SEO and just how much help are they going to be able to give you and your website?

We also went after the keyword search query “Search Engine Help, Phoenix” and “SEO Help, Phoenix” because that’s our local market and those two keyword phrases appear on page 1, positions 1 and 2 and they may have changed position depending on when you look! 


What our customers are saying:

Mick in Rockford Illinois:
I had Tom (test-ok) do the SEO (search engine optimization) for our web site. We wanted to be found under the search terms "Voip in Rockford Illinois". In less than a month, we are now on page 1  for that key word phrase. Worth every penny we spent. Thanks Tom, I should have done this years ago.

Russ from Salt Lake City, Utah:
You'll see my site comes up in the first few results. That's just a few of the keyword phrases he's helped me out with,
I come up on a lot more from using Toms information/tips and I've gotten a lot of business I'd never got without it.

John from Manuals Plus in Atlanta:
I've done business with Tom for about sixteen years now and know him to be a man of integrity. He has been of great help to myself and my business in many ways including web presence and advice. I have been very fortunate to have been doing business with Tom for all of these years.
We are now showing up on page 1 for Atlanta Phone Man, Atlanta phone installation, Atlanta phone installer, phone manuals and a lot of other phrases.

Bruce in Prince Edward Island:
I am glad that we were recommended Tom for our SEO by another fisherman. We were trying to get our fishing website off the ground and were not getting too much traffic.
Tom helped us move to the top of the first page on Google in a couple of months, with the phrase "Tuna fishing charters PEI" and a huge list of other tuna phrases (all on page 1).
I worked with some other guys who made promises, but they did not deliver. In my mind, Tom's the man!

Other websites we've assisted:

First, make sure you are NOT logged into ANY Google account and then “search” the following terms:  (remember you are looking at the search results for these terms and where the websites using them come up when searching those keywords, not how the site “looks” or “how it's been developed”):

Now, Google “search” the following keyword phrases:  1) “telephone installers,” 2) “phone installers” and 3) “telephone installer.” 

You’ll see that Sundance-Communications Installers is the page that shows up at the top of Page 1 of the “natural” search results. 

Now, search the following keyword phrases:  "Comdial Tech Support" (or any other "manufacturer" + "tech support") and you’ll see the result Sundance-Communications Tech Forum on Page 1.  There are also a few on Page 2, which are for the newer “Voip forums” that were just recently added, but they will also soon be at the top of Page 1. 

Now, search the manufacturers listed on the website like "Telrad" or "Telrad phones" or "Telrad telephones," or "Comdial" or "Comdial phones," "Comdial telephones" or "Executone," "Inter-tel," etc. (these were the keywords I was interested in “ranking for” on that particular website).  The same is true of all the manufacturers on that page; you’ll see is on the first page for nearly all those searches.

Web Statistics -- for Sundance Communications:

What you need to notice is the page views categorized under "Pages,” which is how many pages were viewed during a particular month.  "Visits" is how many visitors viewed the site during a particular month.

Summary by Month
Month Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Mar 2012 302823 133630 66162 6187 46268 48556654 136119 1455565 2939871 6662126
Feb 2012 299053 145045 68240 6405 61647 66856580 185766 1978976 4206308 8672555
Jan 2012 284908 134619 66271 6075 61273 70811906 188332 2054430 4173192 8832176
Dec 2011 228436 131414 77670 6434 54852 78453593 199466 2407799 4073853 7081535
Nov 2011 232876 145319 77153 6388 62115 78175411 191645 2314593 4359599 6986302
Oct 2011 184952 142804 76505 7198 65127 75954903 223154 2371673 4426931 5733531
Sep 2011 181706 138185 66974 7071 62674 65470288 212131 2009240 4145554 5451208
Aug 2011 186154 140252 67010 7393 65394 67781313 229187 2077331 4347819 5770778
Jul 2011 189503 143809 74068 7673 63285 69119628 237885 2296124 4458096 5874610
Jun 2011 192825 147424 62740 7563 70058 61535473 226914 1882216 4422732 5784769
May 2011 180518 137912 57858 7372 67331 58216567 228551 1793604 4275290 5596081
Apr 2011 194972 148679 64317 7304 67679 60743525 219122 1929539 4460371 5849173
Totals 801675841 2478272 24571090 50289616 78294844

Tom has been involved in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for over 15 years and gained his knowledge about SEO in the course of running an Internet business.  His experience was acquired through reading a lot of publications about SEO as well as participation in numerous SEO forums and the like on the Internet.  By utilizing keywords and keyword phrases, he was able to rank his own business website on Page 1 of search results and now he’s in the business of getting your website to do the same thing! 

The information on this page is all the proof you need that we can get YOUR website to appear on Page 1 of SERPs (search engine result positions) for YOUR particular keywords and/or keyword phrases. 

Simply click on the email link below (or copy and paste it into your own email program) for a Free SEO consultation.  Don’t forget to include in your message the keywords or keyword phrases you want to “rank” for in online searches, as well as a link to your website.



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