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 SEO Specialist:

Many of you already know Tom as the former President of Sundance Communications, Inc. but, for those who aren't familiar with Tom, he is the person responsible for building the great reputation and top search engine results for the following websites:  Sundance Communications, Telbroker, Find a Telephone Installer and the Telephone Tech Support  Forum (links at SEO Help).  Over the past 15 years, Tom determined how to make those websites appear high in the search engine results utilizing key words used by people searching for our product and services on the internet.  In the process of keeping the Sundance sites high in the search results and maintaining changes for the site (web maintenance), Tom developed an understanding and implemented use of HTML, SEO, SEM and other techniques through website optimization, content-building and online marketing, all of which have made Tom an expert at Search Engine Optimization!  Since selling the Sundance websites, Tom is using his valuable experience with HTML and SEO tools and software to assist other webmasters in making their websites appear higher in Internet search engine results.  If your website is not ranking very high in search engine results, Tom has all the knowledge necessary to get better internet search results and is available to assist you immediately.  Read More  


SEO Content Specialist:

Donna is our Content Writer and honed her skills while being employed for 15 years as a Legal Secretary, during which time she learned the importance of accuracy on written documents, including spelling, punctuation, and grammar (syntax and semantics).  She has worked with me on the Sundance Communications websites and others helping build the keyword content and taking care of all the internal corporate office duties.  Donna has written many blogs on a variety of subjects and always welcomes the opportunity to write more.  A sample of her writing can be seen (here) and, if you're interested in utilizing her writing skills for your website, send her an email at and she will immediately respond to your inquiries.  Read more 
If your website needs relevant content built using articles and blogs, contact Donna today.  


Graphic Arts & Logo's:

Ty has a vivid imagination and is our logo creator.  He has a way of seeing things from a different perspective and always offers unique and interesting results in the artwork he utilizes to build logos for Internet websites.  If you need a logo for your website, you will be pleased with Ty's work in producing a unique and compelling logo for your company.    


 Located in Phoenix offering Search Engine Optimization and SEO Help throughout North America.




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