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Do You Need SEO Service?


If you need SEO services, the following information will help you understand the different services available:

SEO versus SEM
SEO: Search Engine Optimization (on-site) -- to “optimize” a site so it can be found in search results for keywords.
SEM: Search Engine Marketing (off-site) -- Internet marketing such as paid placement, contextual advertising and paid inclusion.

Do you need SEO or SEM service?  Or both?

If your site has been properly optimized using SEO techniques, you may not need SEM.  Some companies that sell SEM services are doing so because they aren’t familiar with or do not perform SEO properly, but they are good with SEM.  Others may use PPC (pay per click) to get your site to show up (which requires a monthly fee).

If your website is up and running on the internet and it isn't showing up on page #1 of the search results for your keywords, you need SEO help!

We don't do re-directs, keyword stuffing, email campaigns, doorway pages, hidden text, etc.  What we do is optimize and market your website so Google will rank it high in the search results for your keyword(s) and phrase(s) and we do it the way GOOGLE wants SEO done. 

If you would like a Free SEO service consultation to see how your website stacks-up for Search Engine Optimization purposes, send an email to  with the subject line “Free SEO Service Consultation” and we will personally analyze your site for search engine ranking purposes and let you know what needs to be done to it (as far as SEO service).






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